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Love at First Wipe

by Gina Buty

Love at first wipe!

Our first Series Wiper customer truly fell in love! After many years and many wipers, my customer, Paul, came to me and said "I really need something I can use all day, has to be low linting, affordable and most of all, durable". As coincidence would have it, his call came to me on the day we received our first shipment of the Series Wiper. I mentioned the Series Wiper as an option and took samples to him the next day! Paul was very busy the day I arrived, but asked that I leave the sample for him to try later.

A few days later I called Paul to hear his feedback and was very surprised at what he had to say! Here is his story.

Apparently the Series Wipers are more than durable, they are washing machine proof! Paul's wife was doing the laundry and pulling pants out of the dryer. She shook the pants with a crack and then pressed them to fold, when she noticed what appeared to be a pink hanky in the back pocket. With bewilderment all over her face she asked Paul, "uh, honey, what's this" holding up the Series Wiper? Paul, sensing a moment to be playful, replied "my new love!" She, sensing his whimsy, just shrugged, laughed a little, and continued folding his pants discarding the Series Wiper back into Paul's outstretched hand. Paul knew that wiper had more work in it and returned to work the next day, Series Wiper in hand, for another round of wiping duties! Paul had found what he couldn't find after all these years, an affordable, low lint and most definitely durable Series 8 wiper.

3 Reasons to Consider #1 White Wiping Rags!

by Hank Hahn

#1 white cotton wiping rags are a very good wiping rag for 3 reasons. The #1 white rags

  • won't bleed
  • are very absorbent
  • are economical.

These rags are often overlooked because most people have used white cotton t-shirt material in the past and continue to ask for them. People overlook the fact that #1 white grades provide good absorbency, are virtually lint free, and provide great value as they cost less than white cotton t-shirts.

If you are looking for a good economical grade of recycled white material you should consider #1 white blended grades. You will be pleasantly surprised by their usefulness and value price!

Which one do I use, Overpack Drum or Salvage Drum?

by Gina Buty

This is a common question asked by our customers. What is the difference between overpack drums and salvage drums? Which one is right for my application? We will attempt to clarify some of the confusion in this article.

By definition an Overpack Drum is to provide protection for packages of solids OR for convenience in handling a package or consolidating packages of solids. Overpacks are commonly seen around facilities for storage and spill kit use. Some important points to remember about Overpack drums.

Overpack Drums:
  1. Not all Overpacks are Salvage Drums, but all salvage drums are a type of overpack drums.
  2. US Department of Transportation regulation 49 CFR 171.8, an Overpack is simply a larger container in which a smaller one can be placed.
  3. The BIG thing to know here is that these are not intended for use of transportation of hazardous materials. Salvage and overpack drums may appear the same, but only Salvage drums meet or exceed the Pressure Test regulations as described by DOT 49CFR173.3(c).
Salvage Drums:
  1. DOT regulation #49 CFR 173.3(c)
  2. Passes a 3-psi pressure test
  3. Marked with specific words "salvage" or "salvage drum"
  4. Passes extensive Drop and Stack testing

To summarize, Overpack drums can hold other items like spill absorbents for use around the facility or smaller containers. Salvage drums are used for containing and transporting hazardous waste substances.

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