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We provide complete expertise for your wiping cloth needs.
We provide the right wiping tool for the job!

Recycled Wiping and Polishing Cloths

White Knit
White Napkins
White Fleece/Sweatshirts
White Sheeting
White Turkish
No. 1 White
Color Knit
Color Napkins
Color Fleece/Sweatshirts

Recycled wiping and polishing cloths

Color Sheeting
Color Flannel
Color Turkish
Select Color
No. 1 Color
Economy Color
...and more

New Wiping Cloths and Towels

New White Knits
New Unbleached Knits
Bar Mops
Shop Towels

New Wiping Cloths and Towels

Hand Towels
Bath Towels
Car Wash Towels

Task Specific Wiping Cloths
Wiping Products For Any Task

Wiping Cloths Provide:
  • A tool to fit a specific cleanup task
  • A choice of fabric to fit the degree of softness, thickness, absorbency or low-lint required
  • Clean, Durable, Reusable yet disposable
An unopened bale of wiping cloths

Some Task Specific Wiping Solutions:

  • Colored Wiping Cloths: Provide great value for all grease and oil applications. Hides grime and lasts longer
  • White Wiping Cloths: shows what is being wiped and won't "bleed" colors in solvent applications
  • Specialty Wiping Cloths: Various textures and sizes of cloth to provide extreme absorbency, strength and softness for special applications when consistency is required.
  • Turkish Towels: Towels that are perfect for janitorial use and in the automobile trade
  • New mill ends: consistent quality and sizes, no seams, many types available, T-shirts, Turkish

Pound for Pound cloth wipers are the best value all-around

  • Reclaimed 100% post consumer waste textiles: Specific grades like T-shirts, terry towels, sweatshirts, flannel, corduroy, denim and various mixed grades.
  • Reclaimed Commercial textiles: towels, table linens, napkins, diapers, surgical towels, sheets, blankets and more.
  • Reclaimed 100% Post-Industrial waste textiles: mill ends and cutting scrap (towels, knits, T-shirts, etc.)

All grades of wiping cloths are available in 50, 25, 10 and 5 pound  cartons. Highly compressed bales are also available. Bales save storage space, are easier to handle, are water resistant and reduce packaging waste! Display packs for retail and dispensing cartons also!

NEW !!!  
Wiper Package


16 boxes (800 lbs.)

Saves Space

  • 45% reduction in package size 
  • Doubles the quantity per pallet
    (can put up to 40 bales per pallet!)
  • No more crushed cartons!

30 bales (1500 lbs.)

A man carrying a box of wiping cloths

Easier Handling

  • Less cumbersome
  • Less strain on lower back
  • Can drop, throw or drag bale without damage!
  • To dispense, slit open on top or side, then grab a rag!  Package retains shape

A man carrying a bale of wiping cloths

An unopened bale of wiping cloths

Unopened bale

To dispense, slit top lengthwise

To dispense, slit top lengthwise

Pull out rag - Package retains shape

Pull out rag - Package retains shape

Water Resistant - bale wrap repels water
Waste Reduction  - less packaging waste

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